Would you like to join us?

If you represent the state or non-governmental organisation:

  • and you heard about us and you find our activities and goals attractive and similar as yours,
  • you meet the conditions of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience and you are active in the areas which are introduced in the Agreement and the Statute of the Platform,
  • you would like to join an international club of almost 60 similar organisations from all over the world

you are welcomed and you can apply for a membership.

The election of the new member organisation is a part of the annual Council of Members meeting according the Statute by the voting of all Members. The council takes place every year (November) in different member states. The representatives of a candidate organisations are also invited to take part in this event.

Before inviting you to the council we require:

  • to be acquainted with the goals of our organisation which you can find in the Agreement and the Statute of the Platform,
  • to fill and sign the Code of the Platform by authorised representative of your organisation (download blank document here),
  • an English summary (A4 paper) about your organisation in terms of the goals, the legal status, representatives and your team, projects, contacts, www, etc.,
  • we require a written recommendation from two Members of the Platform from two different states,
  • a copy of your NGO registration or a document upon which was the organisation established.

Thank you