About the Conference Legacy of Totalitarianism Today

The aim of the two-day international conference is to assess the problem areas in today`s post-totalitarian societies which are hampering the establishment of advanced democracies and to seek possible solutions.

At the event, representatives of a wide spectrum of stakeholders will meet: policy makers, legal specialists, members of academia, national institutions and non-governmental organisations dealing with the legacy of the totalitarian past, anti-corruption initiatives and the interested public. The conference will deal with the situation in Europe`s post-totalitarian countries and will focus especially on the areas where, even 25 years after the fall of Communism, the legacy of totalitarianism is still present: the quality of democracy, rule of law, justice for the crimes of the past, corruption, quality of media, the role of memory institutions. The individual sessions will attempt to analyse the situation in various post-totalitarian countries and seek solutions to the persisting common problems. The role of the European Union in overcoming the divisions of the past will be discussed and the lessons from the past will be confronted with current developments. Key international thinkers and practitioners will be invited as speakers. The expected attendance is 150 people on both conference days.

During the conference, the Prize of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience will be presented for the first time. The Prize will be awarded to a person/persons who are fighting anywhere in the world today against totalitarianism, for the ideals of democracy, fundamental human rights and freedoms and the rule of law.