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england_button English version (ISBN: 978-80-87211-79-3)
czech_buttonCzech version (ISBN: 978-80-260-4937-1)
france_button_greyFrench version (ISBN: 978-80-87211-86-1)
germany_button_grey German version (ISBN:978-80-87211-85-4)
ukraine_button_greyUkrainian version (ISBN: 978-617-684-128-9)
pl-flagPolish version (ISBN 978-83-8098-263-5)
it-flagItalian version (ISBN 978-80-907355-2-1)
Hungarian version (ISBN 978-80-907355-5-2)

Platform Reader presentations in all regions in Slovakia

Hungarian version of the reader Lest We Forget released

The Polish reader presented in Warsaw

Platform Reader presentation in the Czech Republic continues for third year