Online meeting with the Informal Remembrance Group at the European Parliament

Prague/Brussels, 14 October – The Platform representatives met online with the Members of the European Parliament (EP) from the Informal group on European Remembrance of the European Parliament during its session on 14 October 2021. The discussion was led by the head of the informal group Ms Rasa Juknevičienė, MEP (LT). During the meeting, Mr Łukasz Kamiński, president of the Platform, gave a presentation about the current and ongoing activities of the Platform. The Platform projects such as Justice 2.0, three travelling exhibitions, educational tools (readers for students, board games), and the need for a memorial for all victims of totalitarian regimes in Brussels, were highlighted. The Platform is ready to play an important role in the field of research, education, remembrance and commemoration policy and offers a wide range of institutions and experts in the field.

Ms Juknevičienė highlighted the good cooperation with Platform as a partner of the group. She pointed out the joint activities from this year and stressed the need for further cooperation in other areas, such as disinformation or the abuse of history from third countries against EU countries.