The international exhibition “Century of Martyrs” presented in Poland during the NNW Film Festival in Gdynia

Gdynia – 3 October – During the Unruly Unbreakable Cursed International Film Festival (13th NNW Festival), which was held between 29 September – 2 October 2021 in Gdynia, Poland, the Platform of European Memory and Conscience opened the Century of Martyrs international exhibition at the heart of the festival – at the Sala Nowa of the Musical Theatre of D. Baduszkowa.

The Polish National Foundation’s delegation visited the exhibition and Dr Marcin Zarzecki, President of the Foundation, had a personal tour with dr Łukasz Kamiński, President of the Platform. Arkadiusz Gołębiewski, director of the NNW Film Festival also participated.

The discussion panel followed the opening of the exhibition as part of the festival programme. Panellists emphasized that all of them, despite different roots, faith and nationality, have common features: being faithful to faith, to a community, to a group of people for whom one is responsible. It’s not only about religious communities but also about the concept of community in a broader sense: the theme of refusing to run away, not abandoning one’s community but wanting to bear witness to perseverance and the struggle for truth. A witness that will serve the members of the community, will strengthen it. Refusal to hate: I will not hate those who persecute me and what’s more I will give them absolution. As emphasized, this last characteristic, in the context of the divisions of the modern world, is a very important message.

They also reflected on why totalitarian systems turn against religions. “Communism and Christianity have two messages that are in deep conflict with each other. While Communists are suspicious and look in everyone for an enemy to the community, Christianity sees above all the good in others, focuses on the desire to help others, to support and forgive. Communists could not comprehend how one could love one’s enemy,” said Maria Axinte, director of the Memorial in Pitești, Romania.

The NNW Film Festival is the oldest film festival in Poland and on the film map of Europe addressed to artists and all communities that are interested in history.

The exhibition was made possible thanks to the support of