The transformation of the STASI archives completed

Prague, 23 June – After 30 years German Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records ceased operations and new offices were established.

The German Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records (BStU) ceased operations after 30 years of activity on 17 June 2021. On the very same day the Stasi Records Archive (Das Stasi-Unterlagen-Archiv) became part of the German Federal Archives. Its tasks, powers and working methods are governed by the Stasi Records Act (StUG). The Stasi Records Archive will use the same premises as the previous BStU and it is headed by the Federal Archives Vice-Chairman Ms Alexandra Titze.

Also on 17 June, a new Federal Commissioner for the Victims of the SED Dictatorship was established as an auxiliary body of the German Bundestag. The new office was created on the basis of the SED Victims’ Commissioner Act (OpfBG). The first and current Victims’ Commissioner is the former GDR opposition member Ms Evelyn Zupke. The Victims’ Commissioner serves as an ombudsman for “the victims of the SED dictatorship and communist rule in the Soviet occupation zone in Germany and in the former German Democratic Republic”, and advises the Bundestag and public bodies on this issue and performs other tasks.

“The Platform would like to express its thanks to the last BStU commissioner Mr Roland Jahn for his work. He was one of the founding members in 2011 who supported the creation of the international network organisation, the Platform of European Memory and Conscience, in 2011, and we believe that our fruitful mutual cooperation will continue with the new office as well,” said Łukasz Kamiński, president of the Platform.