New Platform exhibition “Century of Martyrs” launched online

Prague, 26 May – The Platform of European Memory and Conscience (PEMC) with its partners has launched the new online exhibition Century of Martyrs. The history of the 20th century was marked by the rise of totalitarian ideologies and regimes and the subsequent erosion and suppression of human rights and values. Among the millions of victims of these regimes, as well as of ideologically allied movements and guerrilla groups, it is necessary to include a large number of Christians of various denominations. For many of them, persecution became an opportunity to bear witness to their faith. Today we can consider them “martyrs of the 20th century”, even though the respective churches and religious communities have not officially conferred this title on them.

The exhibition introduces 27 individuals, men and women, from various European states who devoted their lives to the service of God, people and society. Their activities, attitudes and positions represented a “threat” to the newly emerging non-democratic totalitarian regimes of the 20th century. These people became the conscience and inconvenient witnesses to the perversity of these regimes and were therefore systematically silenced. Recalling the fate of people, their lives and the testimonies they left us, who suffered for their commitment to their inner convictions and beliefs, helps us to better understand the true meaning of values like freedom, truth and democracy.

“We are convinced that the messages from the martyrs pictured in the exhibition remain relevant in the modern world and can be a source of inspiration – primarily for Christians, but not only for them. Defiance in the face of evil, serving one’s fellow man, and renouncing hate are universal values,” said Mr Łukasz Kamiński, PEMC President.


The exhibition is available here:


The exhibition has been made possible thanks to the support of


Exhibition creators: Wojciech Bednarski & Łukasz Kamiński

Artur Aleksiejuk / Luigi Aluisi O.F.M / Maria Axinte / Wojciech Bednarski / Volodymyr Birchak /
Petr Blažek / Cor Faber / Jožica Friedrich / Marta Georgieva / Isó Gergely / Yana Hrynko / Łukasz
Kamiński / Iryna Kurhanska / Merita Mece / Marge-Marie Paas / Greta Paskočiumaitė / Jaroslav
Slašťan / Immanuel Volkonski

Exhibition partners:

  • Apostolic Administration of Estonia
  • Catholic Church in Albania, Archdiocese of Shkodër-Pult
  • Center for Research on the Liberation Movement, Ukraine
  • Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw, Poland
  • Citizens’ Initiative for Dismantling the Soviet Army Monument in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Committee of National Remembrance, Hungary
  • Estonian Institute of Historical Memory, Estonia
  • Foundation History of Totalitarian Regimes and their Victims, Netherlands
  • Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania
  • Institute of National Remembrance, Poland
  • “MEMO” Center, Albania
  • National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide, Ukraine
  • Pitesti Prison Memorial, Romania
  • Society New Slovenian Covenant, Slovenia
  • Warsaw Icon Museum, Poland