The online conference “Oppression of minorities in the dictatorship” and the presentation of the Romanian version of the ‘’Lest We Forget’’ reader as a part of the 31st anniversary of the 1989 Timișoara Revolution event

Prague/ Timișoara, 31 December 2020 – On the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the 1989 Timișoara Revolution, the Platform (PEMC) altogether with the Hungarian National Council of Transylvania (EMNT) and the Timișoara Society organised an international online conference and the presentation of the new Romanian version of the ‘’Lest We Forget’’ reader on 15 – 16 December 2020. The conference was simultaneously translated into English, Romanian and Hungarian.

The conference was hosted by László Tőkés, the president of the EMNT. The event discussed the suppression of (religious) minorities under Communist dictatorships, the legacy of the Timișoara revolution as an inspiration for the wider regional struggle against totalitarianism, and the contemporary remembrance of these processes, including the challenge of limited continued coverage from certain parts of our continent as a challenge to our shared European heritage.

“Thanks to 1989, the real re-unification of Europe became possible. Without the risks taken by the inhabitants of Timișoara it would not have been possible to heal our continent. They came from a desire to once again be part of Europe,” said the PEMC president Dr. Łukasz Kamiński during the conference.

At the same time, the Conference also served as the official reveal of the new Romanian edition of the PEMC’s “Lest We Forget” reader for secondary school students about the legacy of totalitarianism in Europe.

The Conference hosted a simultaneous translation service, which enabled English, Hungarian and Romanian audiences to interact and exchange perspectives without linguistic barriers.

The event was a great success and was attended by a large number of participants via the Facebook stream and on the Zoom platform.

You may view the Conference in its entirety below (without EN translation):

Programme of the conference


  • Devotion, greeting – Pastor Sándor Demeter
  • Opening – László Tőkés, President of the Hungarian National Council of Transylvania (EMNT)


  • Memory of the Timișoara Revolution – Florian Mihalcea, President of the Timișoara Society


  • Memory of European anti-communist revolutions – Łukasz Kamiński, President of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience
  • Book presentation: Sǎ nu uitǎm, presentation of the Romanian translation of the book Lest We Forget – recommended by Florian Mihalcea


Suppression of minorities in the dictatorship

  • Moderator: Zsolt Szilágyi
  • Miklós Bakk, professor, Sapientia EMTE
  • Marius Oprea, researcher, IICCMER
  • Thomas Hiio, researcher, Estonia


Suppression of religious communities in the dictatorship

  • Book presentation: László Tőkés: Finding a way out of the world of lies
  • Moderator: László Dénes
  • István Zalatnay, pastor, Transylvanian Church, Budapest
  • Hermán János M., pastor, The Netherlands


Closing remarks

  • Zsolt Németh, Member of Parliament
  • László Tőkés, President of the EMNT

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