Justice 2.0 project online working meeting

Prague, 22 October 2020 – Seventeen representatives of governmental, non-governmental and academic institutions from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Ukraine participated during the JUSTICE 2.0 project online working meeting on 22 October. The participants discussed the current situation with the main lines of the project (prosecuting perpetrators, victims rehabilitations and compensations, documentation of the cases (database). The recent development in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania and Ukraine was discussed. Final remarks were presented by Prof. Albin Eser, former ad litem judge at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and Director emeritus of the Max Plank Institute for the Study of Crime, Security and Law.

The purpose of the Justice 2.0 project is to raise international awareness about the issue of unpunished international crimes of Communism and to contribute to finding ways of achieving international justice for these crimes. Since 2017 more than 38 people have been rehabilitated and compensated by Czech and Slovak courts.
The PEMC in its Justice 2.0 project is systematically documenting the violation of human rights of citizens during the Communist regime. The PEMC sees the killing of civilians trying to overcome the Iron Curtain as a crime against humanity. Former senior officials of the Communist regime responsible for killings at the borders in Czechoslovakia, Germany and Poland are currently under investigation.
Since 2019, the PEMC has been documenting further cases of victims of the Iron Curtain (killed, injured, imprisoned) in cooperation with its Polish partner Centrum Historii Zajezdnia, Wroclaw.