Statement on the recent situation in Belarus

Prague, 18 August – After 30 years of freedom for the majority of post-Communist Europe, it is very significant that democratic development brought to the people of those countries a much higher quality of life, freedoms and further possibilities, like participation in political life, and regular and free elections including the regular peaceful exchange of power. This was not possible for millions of Europeans during the Cold War.

The value and real prosperity of the European Union rests on the basis of human rights, which respect the people’s will and choice during political competition, i.e. elections. Therefore, the recent developments during the last presidential elections in Belarus are unacceptable for all European democratic countries.

After the presidential elections in Belarus, thousands of its citizens came out into the streets to demonstrate their frustration with the current regime. The Platform of European Memory and Conscience is expressing its support for all democratic movements in Belarus and believes that the current situation will finally lead to a peaceful solution with full respect for the will of the Belarusian people.

The Platform of European Memory and Conscience believes that mutual and free cooperation of democratic countries in Europe, with full respect for human rights, is the only solution for better development and coexistence of all European nations.