Representatives of the Museum of 20th Century Memory visited the Platform

Prague, 9 January – The first official working meeting between representatives of the Platform and the newly established Museum of 20th Century Memory in Prague took place in the Platform office on 9 January. The Platform managing director Mr Peter Rendek met the director of the museum Mr Jiří Šesták (former politician and the vice-chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic) and Mr Jan Kalous, the museum historian.

Together they discussed the role and importance of the museum and future cooperation on the international level and introduced their activities in 2020. The museum is now in the process of getting a building from the City of Prague property. The museum director expressed his willingness to join the Platform in the near future, of which currently six museums are already members.

Councillors at Prague City Hall unanimously voted in favour of creating a Museum of 20th Century Memory in the Czech capital on 9 September. The plan is to provide the country with an equivalent to renowned twentieth century museums abroad such as the Topography of Terror in Berlin or the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk. The museum will depict key events connected with the establishment, existence and eventual fall of totalitarian regimes in Czechoslovakia and dozens of civic organisations have already offered their support for the project. The museum officially came into existence on 17 November 2019 with its registering in the official Court Registry.

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