Platform welcomes release of Mr Oleg Sentsov from Russian imprisonment

Prague, 9 September – The Platform of European Memory and Conscience welcomes the good news about the release of Mr Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian filmmaker and writer, from Russian imprisonment on 7 September 2019.

The Platform deeply respects and promotes the values upon which the democratic European Union was created and stands after World War II.

We express our joy that Mr Oleg Sentsov was freed, together with other political prisoners. However, he should be freed due to his innocence, not as a part of a prisoner exchange. Nevertheless, we are happy that he is reunited with his family and homeland,said the President of the Platform Mr Lukasz Kamiński.

Mr. Sentsov’s individual story of courage should remind us that there is no free world and democracy without personal and active involvement and sacrifice,” said Mr Peter Rendek, the Managing Director of the Platform.

In November 2018, the Platform members awarded Mr Oleg Sentsov the Platform Prize in recognition of his personal courage, struggle and sacrifice for upholding fundamental democratic values and freedoms after his show trial in the Russian Federation. 

The Platform of European Memory and Conscience brings together 62 governmental, public and private institutions and organisations from 14 EU Member States, Ukraine, Moldova, Iceland, Albania, Canada and the USA working in the field of coming to terms with the legacy of totalitarianism on European soil.