Platform representatives visited Polish partners in Warsaw

22 May, Warsaw. Platform Executive Board member Mrs Andreja Valič Zver altogether with the Managing Director Mr Peter Rendek visited the Polish Institute of National Remembrance.

A meeting with the IPN deputy president Mr Mateusz Szpytma; Mr Paweł Blaževicz, acting deputy director of the National Education Office; Mr Mariusz Žulawnik, deputy director of the IPN Archival Department; and Mr Rafał Leśkiewicz, director of the Information Department, took place at the IPN headquarters in Warsaw.

A working discussion was held about the ongoing cooperation and future projects in the field of justice, education and archival work. A new initiative – the creation of an international, travelling exhibition devoted to gulags – was discussed. The “European Gulag” exhibition should present the phenomenon of Communist “local gulags” in the former Eastern Bloc countries.

During the two-day stay a press conference and workshop related to the Polish edition of the student reader Lest We Forget. Memory of Totalitarianism in Europe, and the educational board game Across the Iron Curtain were held on 23 May.

Also on 23 May, the Platform representatives visited the Warsaw Rising Museum, where they met deputy director Mr Paweł Ukielski and discussed the current projects in which the museum is involved.

Photos: IPN, Mr Slawomir Kasper

Photo: PEMC