Justice 2.0 working meeting in Wroclaw on 21-22 March 2019

Wroclaw, 22 March 2019 – The representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions and organisations from the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia convened in Wroclaw on 21-22 March 2019 for a working meeting of the JUSTICE 2.0 project. The participants discussed the current situation, and they introduced and exchanged information about the project development in their countries.

The event was co-organised and hosted by the Polish member organisation – Zajezdnia History Center – led by its director Mr Marek Mutor.

The purpose of the JUSTICE 2.0 project is to raise international awareness about the issue of unpunished international crimes of Communism and to contribute to finding ways of achieving international justice for these crimes. A new part – a series of rehabilitations and compensations for the victims – was introduced in the project in 2016.