Meeting with the Regional Minister of Justice of Valencia was held in Brussels

Brussels, 22 January – Platform Executive Board Member Mr Zsolt Szilágyi met with the Regional Minister of Justice of Valencia, Ms Gabriela Bravo and a Spanish socialist MEP, Ms Inmaculada Rodríguez-Piñero Fernández on 22 January in Brussels.

In the name of the Platform Mr Szilágyi introduced the chronology and the activities and projects in the field of history of totalitarian regimes and the remembrance policy, especially the idea of a planned Pan-European Memorial to all the Victims of the Totalitarian Regimes in Brussels. The Spanish delegation expressed their interest in the Spanish version of the Platform’s reader Lest We Forget and in the travelling exhibition as well. A discussion about the mass graves and exhumation of the victims of the Spanish Civil War was also held. The Spanish delegation expressed its respect for the activities of the Platform and introduced possible Spanish remembrance institutions which are doing similar activities and could be possible partners or in the future could join the Platform’s work.