Platform calls for a broad debate and a change of the permanent exhibition of the House of European History

Prague, 20 November 2017. The Platform of European Memory and Conscience presents a critical report on the House of European History, a project of the European Parliament in Brussels. The report is a result of a study visit of 19 experts from 9 countries which took place in August this year.

The conclusion of the report says that the House of European History fails at presenting European history in three dimensions: structure, concept and facts. As a result, visitors get an ideologically biased, chaotic narrative line with many shortcomings or even falsifications. The main idea is missing and it seems to be overshadowed by the narrow-minded Marxism-rooted concept.

We hope this report will be a starting point for a pan-European, open and broad debate which will lead to a reconstruction of the House European History exhibition. The European Union deserves to have a balanced, non-ideological and atractive exhibition which would present the common roots and values that constitute the identity and consciousness of todays Europe” says Göran Lindblad, president of the Platform.

Report on the HEH by the Platform of European Memory and Conscience 30.10.2017