New service for the public: A search engine in the databases of the security services of the former ČSSR

Prague, 9 October 2017. The Platform of European Memory and Conscience and the Centre for Documentation of Totalitarian Regimes are presenting a new service to the public – an overall search engine which searches currently existing online databases of persons kept by the Communist security services of Czechoslovakia. The search engine can be found at the address / and as of now it includes online 8 sources from the Czech and the Slovak Republics.

The new, more user-friendly service offers a one-stop aggregator of online databases of the security services of the former Czechoslovak (socialist) republic (1948-1989). The integrated system enables searches of information on persons and objects from publicly accessible databases (8 as of now) pertaining to the period of the Communist totalitarian regime. The coherent comfortable service has thus overcome the problem of fragmentation of these information sources. The user can access all relevant output of the available sources, and through these the file and record agenda of the persons of interest kept by the former State security as well as the members of the security services. Concrete preserved archival materials are available in the respective archives, namely the Security Services Archive in Prague and the Archive of the Nation’s Memory Institute in Bratislava.

The project was created in cooperation with the Slovak Nation’s Memory Institute and with support by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Ján Langoš Foundation and the Embassy of Estonia in Prague.