Platform mourns the passing of Ms Naděžda Kavalírová, Chairwoman of the Confederation of Political Prisoners of the Czech Republic

kavalirovaPrague, 20 January 2017. Ms Naděžda Kavalírová, Chairwoman of the Czech Confederation of Political Prisoners died today aged 93. The Platform of European Memory and Conscience mourns the passing of the long-term leader of its largest Czech Member organisation, a courageous, passionate and dedicated champion of coming to terms with the dark legacy of Communism.

A participant in the student protest against the Communist coup in 1948, Ms Kavalírová was banned from all higher education in Communist Czechoslovakia. In 1956, she was arrested and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in a staged show trial. After 1989, her dedicated political work contributed to the adoption of a spectrum of progressive legislation on the rehabilitation and compensation of former political prisoners, on the establishment of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes and the Security Services Archive and, most recently, the Act on the Anticommunist Resistance. Laureate of high Czech and foreign state distinctions, Ms Kavalírová was also repeatedly elected by the Czech Senate to the Board of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, serving as the first President of the Board in 2007-2012.

The Platform is grateful to Ms Naděžda Kavalírová for her life’s work and will uphold her legacy.