The EU must stop glorifying Communist perpetrators!

Prague / Ljubljana, 13 May 2016. The Platform of European Memory and Conscience is strongly concerned about the recent official unveiling of a monument to a former Yugoslav Communist party apparatchik and secret police chief in Slovenia. The Platform warns that the celebration of Communist perpetrators in some EU Member States is a sign of a dangerous erosion of democratic values.

The area of Kočevski Rog in Southern Slovenia, where tens of thousands of unarmed people were brutally murdered in 1945 after World War II by the Yugoslav Communists, has tragically become a site of commemoration of the very perpetrator who ordered the massacres.

A monument to former chief of the secret political police OZNA/UDBA and high Communist party official Ivan Maček – Matija was unveiled on 27 April 2016, on the so-called Day of Uprising Against Occupation. The majority of the people murdered after WWII were unarmed people, mostly Slovenes, Croats and Serbs. As confirmed by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian Armed Forces also participated in the unveiling of the monument to the totalitarian perpetrator.

The glorification of totalitarian perpetrators in EU Member States is scandalous,“ says Platform President Göran Lindblad. “Nobody would dare to erect a monument to a Nazi perpetrator anywhere. That this can happen in the EU for Communist perpetrators is a sign of a dangerous erosion of democratic values.“