Commemoration of anniversary of Communist coup in Prague

Prague, 25 February 2016. The Platform and its Czech Members, associations of victims of Communism, commemorated the anniversary of the Communist coup of 25 February 1948 at a solemn gathering in Nerudova street in Prague. At this site, a peaceful march of several thousand students  – the only protesters against the Communist seizure of power –  was stopped and beaten up by Communist-controlled police. The gathering was organised by the Vice-President of the Czech Senate, Mr Přemysl Sobotka.

Plaque in Nerudova Street in Prague, Neela Winkelmann, Managing Director of the Platform laying flowers with Jan Decker, Chairman of the Union of the Auxilliary Technical Units – Military Forced Labour Camps and with Jaroslav Müller, Chairman of the Prague Academic Club 48. Photos: PEMC.