Platform President visits former political prisoners in Bulgaria

Sofia, 23 March, 2012. Göran Lindblad, President of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience, visited Sofia upon invitation by the former President of Bulgaria, Mr Petar Stoyanov and associations of former political prisoners of the Communist regime. He discussed the issue of international justice and coming to terms with the crimes of Communism on a European level, as well as the role of COMDOS which is facing a new five-year election term.

During his stay, Mr Lindblad had meetings with former President Mr Petar Stoyanov, with young historians studying the Communist dictatorship, with psychotherapists working with torture victims of the Communists and with several associations of former political prisoners of the Communist regime. At a press conference held today, the international appeal of former political prisoners and victims of the Communist regimes “Declaration 2012” was presented. Mr Lindblad informed journalists about the upcoming conference organized by the Platform of European Memory and Conscience called “Legal Settlement of Communist Crimes” which will take place on 5 June, 2012 in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Göran Lindblad also explained the position of the Platform on the membership application of the Bulgarian committee COMDOS (see press release of the Platform from 21 February, 2012). The only official institution providing access to the Communist regime’s state security documents is facing strong criticism by the victims of the Communist regime for its limited scope and its personnel composition. Only a few days ago, the Bulgarian Parliament amended the Act on COMDOS. Until now, it was prohibited for former political prisoners to become members of the committee.


Interview with Göran Lindblad on Europa TV on 24 March, 2012