Platform to inagurate memorial to Hartmut Tautz, East-German refugee killed by the Czechoslovak Border guard on 9 August 1986

Bratislava / Prague, 29 July 2016. The Platform of European Memory and Conscience together with the Slovak Nation’s Memory Institute and the Bratislava Self-administration Region are inviting to the inauguration of a memorial to eighteen-year-old Hartmut Tautz, East-German refugee from Magdeburg who was assaulted by specially trained dogs of the Czechoslovak Border guards and died 30 years ago on 9 August 1986. The memorial will stand outside Bratislava, at the field where Hartmut’s dream of freedom was severed only 22 metres from the Austrian border.

On 27 May 2015, the Platform of European Memory and Conscience and the Czech artist group Pode Bal inaugurated a sculpture in front of the European Parliament in Brussels depicting the killing of Hartmut Tautz by the Border guards of Communist Czechoslovakia. The installation accompanied the presentation of the results of the Platform‘s “JUSTICE 2.0“ project and eponymous film in the European Parliament.

The Platform classifies the killings of refugees at the Iron Curtain as a crime against humanity and has called the international community to help to bring the surviving perpetrators to court
(see press releases of the Platform of 28 and 29 May 2015 and the international media echo).

One year later the Platform is pleased to announce the inauguration of a memorial on the site of the crime in the district of Bratislava-Petržalka, on the 30th anniversary of the passing of Hartmut Tautz – on 9 August 2016.

We need to establish a pan-European culture of commemoration of the victims of Communism. The case of Hartmut Tautz bears particular symbolism, as four current European countries are involved in his story – Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria,“ says Platform Managing Director Neela Winkelmann.

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Hartmut Tautz memorial invitation 9.8.2016 Hartmut Tautz pamatnik pozvanka CZ 9.8.2016 Hartmut Tautz Gedenkstaette Einladung 9.8.2016 Hartmut Tautz pamatnik pozvanka SK 9.8.2016