Sofi Oksanen: Knowledge is a cheap and universal weapon

Prague, 18 June 2014. Internationally acclaimed Finnish writer Sofi Oksanen opened the international conference Legacy of Totalitarianism Today held in the Senate, Parliament of the Czech Republic, on 12-13 June 2014. Her keynote speech, dealing with the situation in today`s Russia following the annexation of Crimea, can be downloaded here. Sofi Oksanen warned about the undemocratic developments in Russia, the increasing military spending and cuts in the education and social budget, the power of oligarchs and secret services, repression of free media, about the propaganda and creation of a new history policy building on the crimes of the past. She concluded:

sofi oksanen

“Let this new cold war be a lesson why it is so important to remember and condemn the human rights violations of the past as well as to recognize them.






Foto: Přemysl Fialka