“Driven by a sincere effort to achieve legal redress for the crimes of communism and redeem the immense suffering that affected millions of citizens under totalitarian communist regimes, we request the legislative bodies of these countries and the authorities of the European Union to adopt effective legal norms that will allow just punishment of communist criminals and abolition of all benefits they still enjoy.”

The Declaration 2012 was adopted on 17 January, 2012 in Prague by representatives of 17 associations of victims of totalitarianism from the Czech Republic in the presence of Ambassadors (or their representatives) of European countries belonging to the former region of Soviet communist influence.

Further signatories are welcome to join the Declaration by sending an e-mail with the text
“We support the Declaration 2012: name of the organisation, address, name of the statutory representative“

to the e-mail address


Signatories as of 3 June, 2012 (45):

Belarus – exile

  • Office of the Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic, Canada


  • Hannah Arendt Center – Sofia
  • Citizen initiative FOR dismantling of the soviet army monument in Sofia
  • Асоциация на свободното слово “Анна Политковская” (Association for free speech “Anna Politkovskaya”)
  • SPCB – Society of holders of compensatory bonds-bonds issued by the Bulgarian government for compensation for non-restituted property confiscated in the time of the communist regime
  • Bulgarian association for art therapy

Czech Republic

  • Akademický klub 48 Brno (Academic club 48 Brno)
  • Asociace soukromého zemědělství České republiky (Association of private farmers in the Czech Republic)
  • CAROLINUM – Spolek absolventů a přátel Univerzity Karlovy (CAROLINUM – society of alumni and friends of the Charles University)
  • Český svaz technických praporů (Czech association of technical units)
  • Dcery 50. Let (Enemy’s daughters)
  • Klub Dr. Milady Horákové (Milada Horáková club)
  • Konfederace politických vězňů České republiky (Confederation of political prisoners of the Czech Republic)
  • Křesťanské akademické fórum Praha (Christian academic forum Prague)
  • Orel (Eagle)
  • Pražský akademický klub 48 (Prague academic club 48)
  • Sdružení křesťanských seniorů (Association of Christian seniors)
  • Společnost Antonína Švehly (Antonín Švehla society)
  • Společnost Edvarda Beneše (Edvard Beneš society)
  • Svaz PTP-VTNP České republiky (Association of the auxiliary technical units – military forced labour camps)
  • Svaz vlastníků půdy (Association of landowners)
  • Umění bez bariér (Art without barriers)


  • Stiftung Sächsische Gedenkstätten (Saxon Memorial Foundation)
  • Sächsischer Landesbeauftragter für die Stasi-Unterlagen (Saxon state commissioner for the Stasi records)
  • Gedenkstätte Berlin-Hohenschönhausen (Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial)


  • Történelmi Igazságtétel Bizottság (Committee for Historical Justice)
  • 56-os Szövetség (Alliance of 56)
  • Magyar Politikai Foglyok Szövetsége (Hungarian Association of Political Prisoners)
  • The Public Foundation for the Research of Central and East European History and Society – House of Terror Museum


  • Lietuvos politinių kalinių ir tremtinių bendrija (Lithuanian community of political prisoners and deportees)
  • Lietuvos politinių kalinių ir tremtinių sąjunga (Lithuanian union of political prisoners and deportees)
  • Lietuvos politinių kalinių sąjunga (Lithuanian union of political prisoners)
  • Lietuvos Laisvės Kovos Sąjūdis (The Movement of the Struggle for Freedom of Lithuania)
  • 1941 m. birželio 22–28 dienų sukilėlių sąjunga (The Union of the Rebels of June 22–28, 1941)
  • Lietuvos kariuomenės karių, nukentėjusių nuo sovietinio ir nacistinio genocido, artimųjų sąjunga (The Union of the Kin of the Lithuanian Soldiers who Suffered from Soviet and Nazi Genocide)
  • Lietuvos laisvės kovotojų sąjunga (The Lithuanian Union of Freedom Fighters)
  • Lietuvos Nepriklausomybės gynimo Sausio 13-osios brolija (Brotherhood of January 13, the Defense of Lithuanian Independence)
  • Laisvės kovų dalyvių sąjunga (The Union of Participants of Freedom Fights)
  • Kolymos draugija (The Society of Kolyma)
  • Laptevų jūros tremtinių brolija Lapteviečiai (Brotherhood of the Laptev Sea Exiles)
  • Lietuvos gyventojų genocido ir rezistencijos tyrimo centras (Genocide and resistance research centre of Lithuania)


  • Latvijas okupacijas muzeja biedriba (Occupation Museum Association of Latvia)


  • Asociatia Pro Democratia (Pro Democracy Association), Associatia Corneliu Copusu


  • Nova slovenska zaveza (New Slovenian commitment)